WhedonCon 2018

This past weekend May 18th thru the 20th of the year 2018. Members of 3 chapters gathered together and launched our first attempt at the continued and dreamed function of the F.S.O.C. from the crews of the USS Rochambeau, Captain Brian Cook. USS Firelace, Commodore Robin Wilsonand the crew of the USS Nathan Hale, Admiral Allen Hohensee. Plus recently added crew members. Successfully pulled off working as Con-Operations for a Southern California event known as WhedonCon 2018. Through the entire 3 days of the event each and every member who volunteered performed their requested duties above and beyond my expectations. Exemplary efforts on so many levels from assigned tasks to tasks they noted that needed to be handled. The Council of the Con mentioned gave us all a very heart felt and resounding Thank You. No casualties reported, and very little in angered guests or even event visitors. Not a single person did not enjoy their experience. Our Teams have all been asked to return for the next years run, in 2019. Different location same direction.

Please know I am truly honored by this crew and here is to seeing an even bigger or better turn out of volunteers in more conventions to come. I know we are not the only teams and we are not the only Con visitors. But let us continue to move forward and live the dream of peace and unity to all.

Names of Volunteers to be Recognized,

Paige Willey, James Larson, Travis Leland, Cass Niss, Rick Richardson, Robin Wilson, Josh Wilson, Merlin Wilson, Ivy Wilson, Lily Wilson, Allen Hohensee, Rosemarie Hohensee, Connie Rizo, Brian Cook

NOT at con but helped none the less – Nathan Guill

More Names of Volunteers to come.