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    Nathan Hale By-Laws

    After a new vote due to website problems, and the new votes after the rebuild, we are now at 21 Votes to Yes, 0 Votes to No and 1 Vote to Undecided. The Yes Votes have made the decision for the Bylaws now listed below. From this point forward there will be some changes occurring that have been pointed out to me from our great membership. Those changes will be submitted to the Command Staff, for amendment changes. I will be adding a new department head set of rules that was unintentionally left out. Chief Security Officer, this was noted as I was adding the position explanations to the website…

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    WhedonCon 2018

    This past weekend May 18th thru the 20th of the year 2018. Members of 3 chapters gathered together and launched our first attempt at the continued and dreamed function of the F.S.O.C. from the crews of the USS Rochambeau, Captain Brian Cook. USS Firelace, Commodore Robin Wilsonand the crew of the USS Nathan Hale, Admiral Allen Hohensee. Plus recently added crew members. Successfully pulled off working as Con-Operations for a Southern California event known as WhedonCon 2018. Through the entire 3 days of the event each and every member who volunteered performed their requested duties above and beyond my expectations. Exemplary efforts on so many levels from assigned tasks to tasks they noted…

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    Website Changes

    Recently the Nathan Hale website suffered a catastrophic error due to an add-on that was bad. So the site had to be reconstructed from the grass roots. Please bear with us as we work on a new look and Very possibly added information. Thank you, Admiral A. Hohensee Commanding Officer