Chapter News

Crew of the Nathan Hale, Let me start this email off with the last Convention our chapter was at, I would like to thank Lt. David Harnden for helping out. I am also very happy that he enjoyed himself at Anime’ Los Angeles. We do have another Convention rapidly approaching known as Long Beach Comic… Read more

Feb. Meeting Agenda

Jan. 13th Meeting

Crew, For those who were not able to attend the last meeting (January 13th). We need to find a new meeting location, my place worked out for the most part. I just don’t feel comfortable holding our meeting here. However, if the need arises and we don’t find any other locations. I will be accommodating…. Read more

January 2018 Meeting

Admiral of Operations

All Federation Members, The last portion of this year (2017) has resulted in a large amount of devastation for our various locations on this small ball in a vast universe. All we can hope for is to help our fellow man, woman, and child. Aid them in the efforts of recovery from destructive Hurricanes, to… Read more

Away Mission News

To the Crews of the USS Nathan Hale and the USS Firelace.   I would like to thank each and every one of the members who were able to attend the Calico Ghost Town Away Mission, including the various members who intended to attend, however, had a variety of problems arise on them at the… Read more

Bowling Challenge Scores

I will be listing the Scores for the Different Chapter’s who have accepted and submitted their scores. Members Names will be withheld. Scoring is done with the following Rules: Each chapter can have an unlimited number of teams. Each Team Must be limited to a Maximum of 6 players. Each player must bowl at least… Read more

November Agenda

Calico Away Mission

Below is the Poll that is set up for dates to go on our Calico Ghost Town Away Mission. There are 4 answers and each of you can answer 4 times. However, please answer on which day better fits for you. The date voted for the most will be the date for the away mission…. Read more

Federation News Letter Update