May 5th Meeting Minutes

Call To Order – 2:30p.m.

Minutes Called – Comm A. Sutton read minutes

Approval of minutes motion carried

New Business

Movie and theater talks among the crew.

N/A New Business.

Crew Reports

Joseph Greene – Wants to do an away mission to Palm Springs Air Museum. Places near by to meet up and eat together. Waned to go in the morning upon museum opening time to beat the heat, do outside when arriving and then inside for rest of the time. Dates and times were voted on for next month. It is best to buy tickets at the door. Away mission motioned, approved and planned at meeting.

Admiral A. H – Geo West meeting was cancels, no new updates a the moment.


  • Bylaws are now on the website and on Facebook, needs voting on by crew members.
  • Website was crashed, now up and running. Bylaws need to be  recast.
  • Away Missions need to be discussed and planned out.
  • Chapter putlock/BBQ now combined with Anniversary party. Need to find a good centerd park to hold it at. Ensign K. Baker and Comm. A. Sutton volunteered to scout local parks.
  • WhedonCon May 15th is approaching, last call for volunteers more are welcomed and needed. Room comped and badges available if you work that day. Other chapters are welcomed.
  • King Tut Exhibit cancelled by R. Wilson. Tickets are becoming hard to  get, will look into upcoming months to establish a date to try again for an away mission.

Operations Lt. D. Harnden – N/A

Policy Adv. Joanne Greene – Bylaws look fine at first glance, no issues or problems for me to report at this time. Will need to go through them more thoroughly.

Security – Vacant.

Communications A. Sutton – Minutes read at last meeting, sent in from last meeting. Otherwise N/A.

Science – Vacant.

Treasurer –  $200.00’s in the kitty. Lt. D Harnden has now took over position.

Cadet Cmdr – Vacant.

Historian – Vacant.


No new announcements.

Promotions and Certificates

  1. Kathy Baker promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and got a certificate.

Crew Birthdays

Chief Medical Officer C. Rizo – May 23rd.

Holidays – May 13th is Mothers Day

May 28th is Memorial Day

Motioned – 3:39p.m.

Upcoming Away Missions

Away Mission: Palm Springs Air Museum.

Date –  June 9th, 2018.

Time –  Roughly 9:30.

Location –  Palm Springs Air Museum located at 745 N Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92262.

Meeting/Lunch Time –  Goody’s Café, 500 Ramon Rd. Palm Springs CA 92264.

Our next away mission is also doubling as our Away Mission and Meeting day. At around 2:30 pm we will all move to one of the local restaurants Goody’s Café for lunch and to hold our general meeting. We will be discussing chapter on goings, promotions and certificates if they are needed to be performed at the time, talking about upcoming away missions and our future BBQ/Meeting.

Prices –

Adults, 18-65 years – Price: $17.00

Seniors, 65 and older – Price: $15.00

Retired Military with ID – Price: $15.00

Youth, 13-17 – Price: $15.00

Children, 6-12 years – Price: $10.00

Family Group (1 or 2 adults and up to 3 children age 6 – 12) – Price: $37.00

Family Group (1 or 2 adults and up to 3 children age 6 – 17) – Price: $47.00

Children 5 & younger and Active Duty with ID (& immediate family) receive free entry to the museum.


Away Mission: Park Putlock/BQQ/Anniversary .

Date – To Be Announced.

Time –  To Be Announced.

Location – To Be Announced.

Meeting/Lunch Time –  To Be Announced.

Commander Amber Sutton

USS Nathan Hale – NFC9900
Chief Communications Officer