June 1st News

Officers and Crew,

Here is an update, Voting is now closed, the new bylaws at current are available on the website. The vote tally was 21 to yes, 0 to no and 1 undecided. Since there was no additional votes for about a week and a half if not more. That part was closed down, now onto to some addendum’s for what was mentioned by a couple of members in our chapter. For that I thank you. I have also replied recently as well.

Just a side note, email communications with me helps in chapter participation. FB Postings also help, or Google+ postings as well. Granted not all like social media, but they are available for just that reason.

I have on the Facebook Group for this chapter a vote in regards to a bowling event that will include trophies presented at the end of the days fun. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Since in the range of October thru December there is a larger scale Bowling Challenge that was started now 2 years ago, between 2 chapters initially and has grown every year. The idea behind the bowling challenge is to get the members of the various chapters together, have some bowling fun, chow down on food and laugh at each other as we try to stay upright on the lanes. For some that can be a challenge, I for one have almost slide down the lane a couple of times. Ouchy!! Right now the dates are either the 23rd or 30th of June, so far the votes online are leaning towards the 30th of June. Where do we bowl, well I know the members of this chapter are scattered, but most are in the Inland Empire area, (San Bernardino, Colton, Redlands, Etc.) even as far out as Victorville. For those whom have to travel an hour and a half or more, I don’t expect to see you at events like this. If you choose to do so, welcome we can always add to the fun with you AND your family/friends. This is an open bowling so anyone you wish to drag along are welcome. Our chapter can’t afford to pay for everyone so this is a pay for your own event. Although we are hoping to build up our chapter’s cash box a bit more each time. This is welcomed with just about any form you wish, I usually do cans and bottles and take half of what I collect and add it to the chapter’s funds.

Just a quick reminder in about a weeks’ time, we have the June 9th Meeting out in Palm Springs Air Museum, gathering time is around 10 am after some time exploring we will all head over to one of the local cafe’s and hold a meeting. Our meetings don’t usually last long, an hour or so give or take. Please refer to the website for date and more.

Let me know if there is anything that comes up, recently I saw an advertisement for the Muppets museum (Jim Henson)…. Being a fan of them I started drooling a bit. Who might be interested? Looking for help in a newsletter editor or work, The Federation has a competition and right now only 2 chapters are in it. I would love to get our hands into this as well. Nothing dealing with money just recognition.

Till the next Communique, Happy Trekkin’