Operations [YELLOW]


Chapter Operations


Position Description

Chief Operations Officer


D. Harnden

The Operations Chief is in charge of, enlisted and duty officers under the command position. This includes and not limited to Commanding Officer’s assigned duties.

  • Duties:
    • Taking command when the X.O. is unable or on other assignments.
    • Heads up committees as assigned by command staff.
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.
    • Assigns operational duty schedules.
Chief Navigation Officer 1
Chief Tactical Officer 1
Weapons Officer 1-2
Commander Air Group 1
Assistant Navigator 1 – 4
Chief Communication Officer 1
Communications Officer 1 – 4
Bridge Crewman 5 – 30, depends on ship size
Position Description # of crew
Chief Security Officer

<Position Available>

The Chief Security Officer is in charge of all aspects of security.

  • Duties:
    • Is in charge of assignments for all security officers (Such as patrol schedules and training). Reporting any activities or actions that violate the rules or code of conduct.
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.
  • Requirements:
    • Completion of all IFT required tests.
Chief Intelligence Officer 1

Chief Policy Advisor

Lieutenant Commander

J. Greene

  • Duties:
    • Investigates and submits offenders to Command
    • Assists with duties as assigned.
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.
  • Requirements:
    • ?.
Chief Analyst 1
Chief Investigator 1
Chief Warden 1
Special Agent 1
Security Supervisor 1
Cyber Security Supervisor Include security guards, data analysts, cyber security specialist, etc. x
Security Agent
Position Description # of crew
Chief Steward 1
Duty Manager 1
Agriculture Manager 1
Store Keeper 1
Executive Chef 1
Sous Chef 1
Executive Housekeeper 1
Assistant Housekeeper 1
Uniform & Laundry Manager 1
Hygiene & Food Safety Manager 1
Recreation Manager 1
Stewarding Admin Assistant 1
Stewarding Crewman Including Janitor, Housekeeper, Cook, Server, Barber etc x