Chief Ships Counselor

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kathy Baker

Lieutenant JG


  • Maintain an active membership on the ship and in the Federation®.
  • Hold the minimum rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Federation®.
  • Maintain that position until the Commanding Officer calls for a vote for replacement. The procedure to be as set forth in Change of Command (section 1.3).
  • Sit as a member of the Charity
  • Function as the activities coordinator of the ship and as liaison between the crew and the Command Staff.
  • Assist any member of the crew in finding assistance for problems they feel unable to handle. This may include the referral of the crew member to sources outside of the Federation®.
    • This may include finding an appropriate officer to speak with or to bring information to the attention of the crew should the crewmember wish to remain anonymous.
    • Any information received from a crewmember that is presented to the Ship’s Counselor shall be held in the strictest of confidence.
  • The Ship’s Counselor reports to the Chief Medical Officer.