Chief Engineering Officer

(Position Available)


  • Maintain an active membership on the ship and in the Federation®.
  • Have completed the required courses of study provided by the Federation® for the purpose of authorizing promotion to that rank (Commanding Officer course, Officer Candidate course, and Staff Officer course)
  • Hold the minimum rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Federation®
  • Maintain that position until the Commanding Officer calls for a vote for replacement. The procedure to be as set forth in Change of Command (section 1.3).
  • Function as the fourth in command.
  • Provide assistance to the crew in matters of data, equipment, or systems whereas they involve the interaction with computers.
  • Be prepared to make themselves available to the crew as a source of the updating and maintenance of said equipment.
  • Provide convention information as needed for any ship’s members interested in a specific convention.
  • The Chief Engineering Officer reports to the Executive Officer.