Federation D.R.U. Relief

Federation D.R.U. (Disaster Relief Unit)

Our East Coast families are about to need every penny they can get very soon. Help is only a click away. The Federation is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charity and we are geared to help out all members of our society. From devastating earth quakes to disastrous hurricanes. Being able to help each other get back on their feet with badly needed supplies from food, clothing and shelter. Please help today.



20th Anniversary BBQ/Potluck Event

Voting over. Park picked for the Club Potluck BBQ is;
 – Map is displayed below
Day Creek Park 12350 Banyan St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.

The date picked is October 13th 2018

OK so far for the BBQ we have the following in our list;

  • BBQ Chicken with and without BBQ sauce, cooked at home and can be heated on grill, 
  • 2 ice chests, Ice,
  • BBQ beans
  • Potato salad
  • Soda
  • Mac salad
  • Condiments
  • 2 gal of kool aid for kids
  • 1 side (not sure what) and possibly chips
  • bottled water
  • Watergate Salad (Ingredients: Pistachio Pudding Mix, Crushed Pineapple, Mini Marshmallows and Whipped Cream


  • Hamburgers and buns
  • hot dogs and buns
  • chips and dips
  • fruit/veggies it anyone cares to bring this 
  • charcoal



Hope to see many people there.

USS Nathan Hale Annual BBQ

Phone Number: ***-***-****
Are you bringing Drinks? What kind?

Star Trek News

Alex Kurtzman, veteran writer-producer and co-creator of Star Trek: Discovery, has inked a five-year extension of his production agreement with CBS Television Studios that calls for him to extend the Star Trek franchise for television, developing new series, mini-series and other content opportunities, including animation, as well as give CBS Television Studios exclusive rights to produce all television content created and developed by Kurtzman and his Secret Hideout production banner.

Set to join Kurtzman as part of the deal, which goes through 2023, are fellow Discoveryproducers Heather Kadin and Aaron Baiers. Kadin serves as president of Secret Hideout, while Baiers is senior vice president of television. Production on season two of Star Trek: Discovery is under way now, with Kurtzman behind the camera as director of the premiere episode.

Kurtzman and Secret Hideout, in addition to growing CBS’ Star Trek universe, will develop new, original series across the full spectrum of broadcast, cable and streaming platforms. As part of this process, Secret Hideout will expand its production operation, adding diverse voices and cultivating new creative talent to align with the company.

“Heather, Aaron and I are thrilled to continue Secret Hideout’s amazing partnership with CBS Television Studios,” said Alex Kurtzman. “Since our first collaboration with Hawaii Five-0 almost a decade ago, Les, David and the full team at CBS Studios have been our foremost collaborators and champions, treating each project with integrity, supporting the creative visions and working breathlessly to make each episode of every show the best it can be. CBS has also allowed us the great pleasure of reintroducing the world of Star Trekaudiences new and old, and we are very excited to keep working alongside them to expand that world.”

Kurtzman is known as one of the most prolific creators in film and television, co-creating and launching some of the most successful franchises of the past two decades including multiple films in the Star TrekNow You See Me and Transformers series. He has also written, directed or produced such projects as Instinct, Salvation and the recently completed run of Scorpion for CBS, as well as Mission Impossible IIIThe ProposalSleepy HollowAlias and Fringe.

June 1st News

Officers and Crew,

Here is an update, Voting is now closed, the new bylaws at current are available on the website. The vote tally was 21 to yes, 0 to no and 1 undecided. Since there was no additional votes for about a week and a half if not more. That part was closed down, now onto to some addendum’s for what was mentioned by a couple of members in our chapter. For that I thank you. I have also replied recently as well.

Just a side note, email communications with me helps in chapter participation. FB Postings also help, or Google+ postings as well. Granted not all like social media, but they are available for just that reason.

I have on the Facebook Group for this chapter a vote in regards to a bowling event that will include trophies presented at the end of the days fun. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Since in the range of October thru December there is a larger scale Bowling Challenge that was started now 2 years ago, between 2 chapters initially and has grown every year. The idea behind the bowling challenge is to get the members of the various chapters together, have some bowling fun, chow down on food and laugh at each other as we try to stay upright on the lanes. For some that can be a challenge, I for one have almost slide down the lane a couple of times. Ouchy!! Right now the dates are either the 23rd or 30th of June, so far the votes online are leaning towards the 30th of June. Where do we bowl, well I know the members of this chapter are scattered, but most are in the Inland Empire area, (San Bernardino, Colton, Redlands, Etc.) even as far out as Victorville. For those whom have to travel an hour and a half or more, I don’t expect to see you at events like this. If you choose to do so, welcome we can always add to the fun with you AND your family/friends. This is an open bowling so anyone you wish to drag along are welcome. Our chapter can’t afford to pay for everyone so this is a pay for your own event. Although we are hoping to build up our chapter’s cash box a bit more each time. This is welcomed with just about any form you wish, I usually do cans and bottles and take half of what I collect and add it to the chapter’s funds.

Just a quick reminder in about a weeks’ time, we have the June 9th Meeting out in Palm Springs Air Museum, gathering time is around 10 am after some time exploring we will all head over to one of the local cafe’s and hold a meeting. Our meetings don’t usually last long, an hour or so give or take. Please refer to the website for date and more.

Let me know if there is anything that comes up, recently I saw an advertisement for the Muppets museum (Jim Henson)…. Being a fan of them I started drooling a bit. Who might be interested? Looking for help in a newsletter editor or work, The Federation has a competition and right now only 2 chapters are in it. I would love to get our hands into this as well. Nothing dealing with money just recognition.

Till the next Communique, Happy Trekkin’

USS Nathan Hale Communique

Officers and crew,
          On this memorial day, I would like to take a moment to show respect to the members to our chapter and to the Federation as a whole who either are serving time in the military or have served time as well. We all have family members or friends that have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy. The ability to have a BBQ with family and friends and the opportunity to be able to think on our own and do things without being told we can’t do that. Memorial day is to honor those who have fallen in the name of freedom, whether it be during combat or not. Support troops deserve just as much recognition as those who have fought on the front lines. My father a retired USAF Master Sergeant served his time as a part of the support troops. Helping maintain Top Secret equipment that enabled others to perform their duties as well. To day we bow our heads and raise our pride in honor of those men and women of the armed forces.
          Now on to my next part of this message, I know a number of you have seen promotions and recognition to members whom have participated in something for or with other members of this chapter. I am also aware that a number of you have excuses of one nature or another on why you can’t or won’t participate. Most of them range from it’s to far away, I don’t have the gas, I don’t have a car, or in some cases I don’t have the time. I can rattle on the number of different reasons why you as a member of the USS Nathan Hale Crew can say I don’t care. Here is a point, you don’t have to BE at any meeting, away mission or gathering to be considered a participant. Helping in votes, answering emails, commenting on Facebook posts (Provided you have a Facebook Account, some don’t) all of which is OK. You all join this group as an officer holding the fictional rank of Ensign. In naval terms that is the lowest Officer rank when joining up. This does not mean you have to stay at that rank because you don’t think you can participate with the chapter. Helping in other matters is also a great way to participate. We are in need of someone to help maintain the chapter website, (Engineering Crew) No that does not mean only one person can help. We need someone that can help out with finding reliable charities. Why do I say reliable? Well there are a large number of charities that say we do this or that, and in reality most of the financial donations end up in the pockets for those who run them. I understand that part but we as a registered 501c3 Non-Profit charity don’t take any finances and put any into our pocket. We are all VOLUNTEERS, yes including me. I would love to have a pay check doing what I love to do.
          Do you wish to remain an Ensign during the entire time you are with our organization, or would you like to be recognized in your efforts to help out. Even if means you can’t go to the meetings, or attend away missions or help at conventions like Ensign Rick Richardson, or Commander Connie Rizo even Cadet Lt. Commander Rosemarie Hohensee of our own chapter at the past convention we were at. They all helped run the convention in one capacity or another, helping recruit new members, helping with catering parts for the crew or other activities. Physical or other reasons are not a limitation in my book, they are avenues to help yourself know you are cared and loved no matter who you are.
          We don’t have any Enlisted members, although one of our members is considering dropping to those ranks to help encourage others, and enlisted member does not have the ability to command a department, however they still have all the powers of an active member, from recognition of work they have put in, helping other crew members with the tasks they are hoping to achieve. Right along with a few more that I don’t think of as I am typing this message.
          As you may have read at one point or another and might not completely believe, our co-founder and President of The Federation, had a long standing friendship with the creator of the Star Trek franchise, Gene Roddenberry, his son Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry is also a part of our organization and is an Executive Producer on the new Star Trek Series Discovery. So we in a long way around have some connection to the new show. Although we have zero input on what we would like to see, I know I would love to provide some or find out more about what their thought process is for the show.
          In short, participation has it’s rewards, recognition, promotions and more. If you don’t know how you can help out, send me an email, a private message on Facebook. I will answer your concerns and help you figure out where or what you can to do help out the chapter or the organization itself. There is always something you can do to help out, I usually take anywhere from 15 to 20 min. a day to do something for the chapter. Yes I have a personal life, my wife demands it.
          Now go celebrate our country on this Memorial Day, stay safe, be weary of others. Most of all love your family.
Admiral Allen Hohensee
USS Nathan Hale NFC 9900
Commanding Officer
Vice – President ‘The Federation’
A 501(c)3 charitable organization