Away Mission News

To the Crews of the USS Nathan Hale and the USS Firelace.
I would like to thank each and every one of the members who were able to attend the Calico Ghost Town Away Mission, including the various members who intended to attend, however, had a variety of problems arise on them at the last moment.
We had a total of 15 members give or take a few I might not have counted that attended from both chapters. Each member has voiced the fun they managed to have while at this event.
As Captain of the Nathan Hale, I would like to inform all that whenever our chapter has an away mission. I will always invite any and all other chapters in the area to have the chance to attend.
So on that note, Thank you to the following who attended.
Fleet Captain Robin Wilson and 2 cadets, Ensign Merlin Wilson, Acting XO Yona Massao and the Additional member who name currently slips my thoughts. Commander Connie Rizo, Commander Amber Sutton, Crewman Kathy M Baker, Commander Nathan Guill and Commander Boyd Harmon. Cadet Lt. Cdr. Rosemarie
Thank you to all who attended. We shall make a bigger attempt next time. Till then, please keep in mind the December 2nd Meeting/Dinner.