August Minutes

Promotions & Certificates


Promotion for Cadet R. Hohensee

Certificate for C. Miller.

LTJG K. Baker got certificates for completion of Starfleet Academy courses.

  1. Richardson got promotion and certificate to rank of LTJG.




New Business


  • New officer on board named Antonio, joined before meeting started. Introduced to the crew.


  • Talked about last month’s bowling practice, trophies are now fixed.
  • Long Beach Comic Con – SEPTEMBER 8-9. $40.00’s (saturday), discount $20.00’s (Ask Admiral A. Hohensee about those). $25.00’s (Sunday), other options on website. Kids age 10 and under are admitted for free when a parent or guardian purchases a ticket. $5 discount to members who are active and former military and law enforcement (use code MilitaryLawEnforcement), as well as senior citizens (use code SrCitizen) aged 65 and over, and teachers/librarians (use code Teach). Please provide proof of your involvement (business card, photo ID, work ID, etc.) when you arrive at the show. Parking on site is $15 per car, per entry.
  • Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise Star Trek role Jean-Luc Picard. He announced at the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on Saturday.
  • Roy talked about space camp. His wife was in hospital again, but now doing better and was able to join at the meeting.
  • WhedonCon 2019 – June 7-9, 2019. New Location at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. Currently being planned out, U.S.S. Nathan Hale will be working there, more info to come as it is announced.
  • End of September is tentative date that was announced for final bowling practice before big IFT bowling challenge.
  • Need to plan date for main bowling challenge in October. U.S.S. Nathan Hale is going up against the U.S.S. Vengeance. Flyers will go out probably next week once they are finished. We will also have competition with the U.S.S. Rochambeau.
  • L.A. Comic Con (Formerly Comikaze Expo) – October 26th – 28th, 2018. 1-Day Friday Pass (Early Bird Pricing) $20.00, 1-Day Saturday Pass (Early Bird Pricing), $30.00, 1-Day Sunday Pass (Early Bird Pricing) $25.00, 3-Day Weekend Pass $75.00, Kids Pass FREE & other ticket options available on website. Hohensee family will be going in October, not an official Away Mission for club. It is however fun, please join if you can.
  • LAScare – AUGUST 25 (11am-7pm) & 26 (11am-6pm) Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall K. Another non Away Mission Hohensee family might be attended. It’s a Halloween convention, come and join the fun if you dare.
  • 20th Anniversary Potluck/BBQ Voting – 20th Anniversary Potluck/BBQ for the USS Nathan Hale. Parks list is now down to vote for one park out of 3, It is up on the groups Facebook page, if you do not have a Facebook account. Then it is now up on the




Crew Reports


  • J. Greene. (XO) – Email discussions for command brought up uniform ideas for informal uniform. Polo, shirts, v-neck, patches and combadges as well as ranks were suggest among the email and at the meeting. Caps are also an option. Uniform idea was suggested for conventions and meetings along with other events. U.S.S. Vengeance offered to help with patches.
  • K. Baker (LTJG, Counselor) – Gave a detailed report on Riley’s Farm. David, (LTJG) K. Baker and (Comm) A. Sutton suggested to be an away mission in November, citing it as a good thing for ship moral. November 3rd is selected as date for Away Mission. You can watch or participate in the Revolutionary War reenactment. There is on site food at the Bakery and Restaurant which can be ordered or purchased throughout the day. A “soldier’s ration” of cornbread and beef jerky is normally provided. We suggested to bring our own lunches for the picnic area. $27.00 for Revolutionary War reenactment to either see or participate in. Their is also Archery, Tomahawking, Corn Husk Dolls and Candle dipping. If you need more information use the website or contact LTJG. K Baker.



No other crew reports were given since some crew members talked among themselves. So we never got around to other crew reports.




Meeting was finally adjourned – 5:10p.m.