August 4th Agenda

U.S.S. Nathan Hale – NFC 9900

General Meeting Agenda – August 4th, 2018

STARDATE: 2018.0804


1. Call to Order  ā€“ Commanding Officer
 — Executive Officer
2. Roll Call  — Executive Officer
3. Introduction of Guests/New Members

  New Member Cindy Miller
New Member James Sexton
 — Executive Officer
4. Approval of the Minutes  — Communications Officer
5. Old Business  — Commanding Officer
  Had bowling practice in June, along with trophies to present.

Admiral A. Hohensee reported about personal issues about accident. Everyone at home was reported fine, only minor damage to property and no injuries to report.

Successful away mission/meeting last month thanks to J. Greene.

No Away Missions till September.

Long Beach Comic Con – $20.00’s per ticket that is left over. $6000’s per ticket for the whole weekend pass. Saturday is $40.00’s, passes be available. We do have a table. Contact the Admiral for my information.

Calico Ghost Town has been suggested again by K. Baker and then seconded by J. Greene.

Brianna is now an Ensign.

6. New Business

  IFT/Geo 5 Updates  — Executive Officer
  Chapter Anniversary/potluck BBQ  — Operations/Counseling
  Away Missions  — Commanding Officer
  Long Beach Comic Con: September 8th – 9th, 2018 at Long Beach Convention Center (Table not confirmed, 4 free badges included, 4 discount badges at $20 each available, no rooms included)  
7. Crew Reports

  Greene (XO) – Successful away mission last month to the Palm Springs Air Show. Iowa trip might be tabled.

Harnden (Operations)- N/A. Still going good. Recyclables are acceptable in cans or any way you can donate.

Hohensee (CO) – Banners for club roughly around $80.00’s, they have two different types. They do have a pricier one. Something to consider in the future.

Rizo (Medical)- Hot season upon us, stay hydrated!

Sutton (Communications) – N/A. Last month’s minutes sent in.

Rick (Tactical) – N/A.

Baker (Counselor) – Alzheimer’s Association suggested, voted and accepted as club’s choice for charity.K. Baker gave a report on the cause/charity.

James is new, no position. Would like to be Chief of Security. Was discussed and voted on, motioned to be accepted by D Harnden and J. Greene. Also accepted by present crew.

Cindy is also a new member, no position yet.

 — Operations
8. Crew Manuals / Crew Roster  — Operations
9. Open Discussions or Motions from Members  — Executive Officer

EARTHDATE: 0901.18 1430 HRS (2:30 pm), Location: Jenny’s Dinner