Admiral of Operations

All Federation Members,

The last portion of this year (2017) has resulted in a large amount of devastation for our various locations on this small ball in a vast universe. All we can hope for is to help our fellow man, woman, and child. Aid them in the efforts of recovery from destructive Hurricanes, to property and leveling earthquakes to fires started by nature or our fellow individual. As a part of the Federation, we strive to be better to help where help is needed to improve on what we have seen even learn from mistakes of the past or present.

As we approach a holiday that many of our human race honor known as Christmas, other celebrate this day in other matters or means of their preferred religion. I would like to look back and see what we have done, or what we can learn to get better at. Look at ourselves, forgive those around us who might have said or done something wrong. Help change the views of yourself in allowing more inner strengths to allow our strength get stronger as we all interact with others.

As members of this organization, Gene Roddenberry had a vision of unity and self-expansion. Learning how to grow and do better among ourselves. This is something I hope for and numerous times see in our world. Let us all continue this direction in hopes that in time, we learn that togetherness is the optimal goal.

Onto the new year in a few days, and on to a new year in striving to do better with ourselves that will reflect a better view on to each other. Let us strive as a whole to help out where the need arises, as well as allowing others to help us.

Here is a wonderful Holiday season for each member of, The Federation, and onwards to an even better New Year (2018)

– Admiral Allen Hohensee
– Admiral of Operations
– The Federation