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Crew of the Nathan Hale,

Let me start this email off with the last Convention our chapter was at, I would like to thank Lt. David Harnden for helping out. I am also very happy that he enjoyed himself at Anime’ Los Angeles. We do have another Convention rapidly approaching known as Long Beach Comic Expo. As you might have guessed it is also in Long Beach… Those of you who might be interested in is this next weekend February 17th and 18th. Currently available are 6 passes for this event for those who would like to help out in recruiting efforts for our newly designated Geo West. I would like to also invite you all to welcome some of our newer members to our chapter, just recently I received word of an Ensign Rickey Richardson. I have already emailed him and included him in our chapters general email system. So Welcome Aboard sir, I hope your stay with us is a lot of fun. In this email, I will be including the Command staff we have currently in position. We still have several other positions available if you feel you can help out in your contribution to our chapter.

Our Last meeting didn’t have very many of the Command Staff or members attending but I understand when Academic decathlons occur, I hope that our Cadets that attended this were very successful. In addition to other events that general life situations have a tendency to get in the way. So on that note, I would like to let you all know what was discussed. I will be including a rough draft in the next few weeks of a Chapter set of By-laws that I will ask my Command Staff to go over and move forward for approval. This is long overdue and certainly needs to be done. Another topic that came up is the attachment of our chapter to a charity organization. We have had a few suggestions so far, needing one primary charity and many secondary charities are perfectly ok at this stage. The first one suggest was by Cadet Lt. Commander Rosemarie, that would be the Ronald McDonald House located here in Loma Linda, CA. As I am aware they have many other locations around the United States. Another is St. Judes Children’s Hospital, suggested by our Chief Communications Officer, Commander Amber Sutton. I am very sure that I don’t remember all of that has been suggested. If you have one or more in mind, please feel free to send me an email or you can send one to the email listed. We will need to vote as a crew on this matter, once a healthy list of charities are put together I will list them for Vote on the Chapter’s website. I will send an email letting you all know where to go look for it.

We have a couple of competitions happening within the Federation Fleet, first one is a chapter Newsletter. I know the couple I put out as well without a doubt decent to low grade (Personal Opinion) I would love to see someone do a better job at this as I know I am by no means the best person for doing one. Volunteers are always welcome.

Now for the members who have accepted Command Positions.

Captain – Admiral A. Hohensee
First Officer – Commander J. Greene

Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant D. Harnden

Chief Communications Officer – Commander A. Sutton

Chief Security Officer – <Position Available>

Chief Engineering Officer – <Position Available>

Chief Medical Officer – Commander C. Rizo

Ships Counselor – Ensign K. Baker

Chief Science Officer – <Position Available>
Chief JAG Officer – Lieutenant Commander J. Greene

There are many other positions available that are not listed above. If you would like to help out let me know, if there is a new position you feel should be occupied. Please let me know.

Thank you for reading,

Admiral Allen Hohensee

USS Nathan Hale NFC 9900 (Website)
Commanding Officer
Vice – President ‘The Federation’

A 501(c)3 charitable organization

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